Go Hungary

Year Program

Throughout the year, you will experience the life of a Hungarian high school student. You will be living with a Hungarian host family, who will share their home and life with you, help you learn Hungarian and adjust to your soon-to-be second home, Hungary.

You will be attending a local high school, which is the most essential part of the YFU experience, besides your host family. You will join a class of 25-30 people, a great group where you can make friends and get to know the daily school life of a Hungarian teenager. School attendance helps your Hungarian studies a lot, as in there you can practice speaking Hungarian all day long. Additionally, many high schools offer such extracurricular activities as sports, drama or art classes. 

During your exchange year in Hungary you will attend 4 orientations with all your fellow exchange students. And there are several additional activities that you can choose from, such as the visit of the Hungarian Parliament Building, traditional Goulasch cooking party, christmas gift-making workshop, trip to Vienna or Prague etc.

YFU Hungary offers special programs as well. You can read about them shortly below and in the brochures on the right!

Music year program

Hungarian music education is world-famous thanks to most of all the Kodaly method and it's great recognition. YFU Hungary provides you an opportunity to study music on a high level in a Professional Music High School. These schools provide general education together with music education at an advanced level.

As part of music education, you will study instrument, theory, solfeggio, chamber music, music history, choir/orchestra, etc. Also according to the national curriculum, instrumental/vocal lessons are given on a one-to-one basis (the teacher deals with only one student for about 30-60 minutes), while theoretical classes are taught in groups.

This is an excellent program for students who are serious about their musical studies. The programs of study are very intensive and demand a very high level of musicianship and study.  It is a wonderful, enlightening but hard-working experience that teaches each student how the Kodaly method works by seeing and learning from it in practice.

Bilingual year program

Our bilingual program offers a special opportunity to improve your language skills and meet many international students! In this program, students attend a bilingual (English-Hungarian) class in an international high school called Orchidea. In this private school, most of the subjects are in English and students will participate in Hungarian as a foreign language courses too.

Sport year program

Hungarians love sports, both doing and watching them. There are many popular sports in our country that you can do in P.E. classes and also as extracurriculars. But if you wish to continue a sport on a professional level, you can choose our special sport program. You will attend a regular high school and will join a sport club, where you will have trainings after school. The amount and level of trainings will depend on the sport and your needs.