Go Hungary



My experience in Hungary is unforgettable. Hungary is a small country in the middle of Europe with unique culture and language. The uniqueness that cannot be found anywhere else! The best things in my exchange year are my friends, both Hungarian and YFU, and my host parents. I met my second family and amazing friends here. I love my host parents so much and I enjoyed everything I had done with them. My school was also amazing. All the teachers and friends tried to include me in every activities. YFU Hungary really cares about their students. We lived like a family and that’s what I love the most about YFU Hungary."  Nada (2019-2020, Thailand)


"I chose the bilingual program to practice and improve my English skills. I really enjoyed the international school, because I made friends from many nationalities. The school also taught us Hungarian, but it was a bit difficult, because we usually ended up speaking in English instead. It was challenging, but also fun. My host family was very nice and kind. We did many things together, e.g. cooking, playing board games, go walking, playing with cats and they also helped me learn Hungarian. During the program, I had the opportunity to learn about the Hungarian culture and also to travel abroad. I even did things that I had never done before! I will never forget my bilingual exchange year, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity!” Panalee (2019-2020, Thailand)

„I chose to go to Hungary for the music program, which gave me the opportunity to visit a professional music school in Budapest, called Weiner Leó Zeneiskola. The school was a big part of my exchange, with an excellent education and it helped me grow in singing, playing the clarinet and also the piano. I met amazing people who became my close friends and I am in a good contact with the teachers as well.
Another part was my beautiful host family. Now I have brothers, dogs and a place where I am always welcome. I found a second home and a second family through my exchange and I am so thankful for that. From the first steps on Hungarian land and during my whole exchange year, YFU Hungary was by my side and watched my journey, always ready to help. I have a second home now, where music feels more special to me, and I found people who love music as much as I do. For me, it was the perfect decision." Lena (2019-2020, Germany)


"My best experience was every trip with YFU when we were all together. Everyone is very friendly at YFU Hungary and they do take care of us all. I loved my host family, they fulfilled the word Family to me. It was great to live in a city close to Budapest. It was very peaceful and full with mountains, but still close to the capital. My classmates in school were all very kind and friendly, like all Hungarian people. I recommend the public transportation, because it is very convenient and cheap.” Parn (2019-2020, Thailand)


"Going on exchange with the YFU music program in Hungary was one of the best decisions in my life. It didn't just lay the foundation of my career as a violinist but it was also a wonderful and incredible adventure. I recommend this program to everyone who wants to become a professional musician but also to all of you who want to devote yourself to music for one year. At school you´ll have up to 20 music lessons per week (orchestra, choir, music theory, folk music, chamber music, solfège, etc.). Budapest is a wonderful city for all students and musicians, a cultural metropolis on the banks of the Danube. You will meet nice people and get to know a new culture. And don´t mind the language, if you are willing to learn Hungarian it´s absolutely possible and at the end of the year you´ll be proud to have a new super power."  Silvan (2015-2016, Switzerland)

"My host family is superbly good! I love them all, and they love me too. They highly regard the family member connections as one of the most important part of their lives. I experience a really different family live here in Hungary. They spend a lot of time together, communicating and sharing their daily events to each other. They are really professional in enjoying life. They can make everything great for everybody. I love spending time with them." Jeena (2013-2014, China)

"Hungary became to a second home country to me. The Hungarian people are very special and I like the way how they express their feelings. I think they are very honest and if you’re ones in their hearts, they will keep you inside." Monika (2012-2013, Germany)


"I really liked Christmas. It was very interesting that everything was closed and everybody celebrated with their families. Totally different from Japan. We also went over to Grandma’s and celebrated there with the whole family. We decorated the Christmas tree together and went to mass at midnight." Soma (2013-2014, Japan)

"You will love people in Hungary, they're kind. When you cannot understand the language which is spoken, they're patient, they speak slooooow and LOUDLY, even though this doesn't make you understand. You will also love YFU-Hungary, they're like a family. They do know what to do and they do love what they do." Nehir (2012-2013, Turkey)

"Home' is where you can be lazy, do something silly, eat even you are not hungry and where you can cry because you feel yourself is safe. Yes! I was at home! I'm so lucky to have lived in Hungary with my host family." Mook (2013-2014, Thailand)

Szia” (meaning hi and bye) confuse me a lot! I don’t know if they are greeting me or saying goodbye or just being polite, so I don’t know if I should stop and start a conversation or continue my way." Mariana (2013-2014, Mexico)


"When I started at the music school, I never believed myself capable of what the other students could play.  However, the experience was fantastic.  I learned to practice hard and was able to improve immensely on my horn playing.  I liked going to a music school because I liked having a specific goal in mind.Maggie (2010-2011, USA)