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HUNGARY - THE World Of Potentials

Anthem: "God, bless the Hungarians" - "Isten áldd meg a magyart"
Name: Hungary
Area: 93,030 km2
Population: 9 979 000
Capital: Budapest
Official Language: Hungarian (Magyar)
Government: Parliamentary republic
Climate: Continental
Average temperatures: January -2˚C (28˚F), July 23˚C (73˚F)
Religion: Roman Catholic, Reformed (Calvinist) Protestant, Evangelical (Lutheran), Jewish
Time: Central European (GMT+1)
Membership: NATO (1999), European Union (2004)
Accession to the European Union: May 1, 2004

Did you know that...

  • There are 44 letters in the Hungarian alphabet.
  • Hungary is the 9th most successful country in the history of Olympic Games.
  • Hungarian music education is world famous and you can learn to play an instrument or practice in afternoon music schools.
  • Hungarians celebrate Namedays, a day of the year which is associated with one's given name. One more opportunity to get presents!
  • Hungarians are know to be great inventors and researchers who invented and discovered such useful things you use in your daily life, like the ball-pint pen, vitamin-C, refrigerator, or the Excel.
  • Joseph Pulitzer (newspaper editor and publisher; in his time he was one of the most powerful journalists in the United States), Henry Houdini (magician, escapologist, illusionist, stunt performer, actor); and William Fox (pioneering motion picture executive, original founder of 20th Century Fox) were all Hungarian-born.